About Us

Our mission is to aid customers in adding value to their properties through the supply of the highest quality retaining wall products on the market. We act as a ‘one stop shop’ for all your concrete sleeper retaining wall needs.

If you require an installer for a retaining wall project, be sure to get in contact with us and we will recommend one of our trusted partners that will be sure to complete your wall to the highest quality.

Who we are

The Sleeper Hut team have over a hundred years combined experience in the retaining wall industry, the majority of which has been gained right here in South-East Queensland. With extensive experience in the manufacturing, retailing, and installation of concrete sleepers and associated products, there is no question too difficult for us to answer.

Whilst we have developed a large commercial base with leading civil companies and builders over the years, we remain committed to helping people through projects of any size.


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The Sleeper Hut Difference

What Makes Us Different?

All concrete sleepers are made with a unique and internally developed specified mixed design providing 50mpa minimum strength concrete by the time of installation. This ensures that the strength and overall quality of our product is not subject to uncontrolled curing methods or shrinkage cracking. All Sleeper Hut’s concrete sleepers have a minimum of two 12mm reinforcing bars installed to a maximum of 2m in any wall height and three 12mm reinforcing bars installed for the remainder of applications.

A vigorous auditing and quality assurance program are paramount to our continued efforts to improve and maintain our high standards of concrete sleepers.

This testing regiment includes 3- cylinder crack tests administered at 30mm intervals and reportable at 12-hours, 7-days, 14-days and 28-days, to ensure the integrity of our concrete is absolute.

Additional to concrete testing, The Sleeper Hut has dated manufacture and marking of each sleeper, which includes registered KPI tracking that can source every element of the production. Our products and internally driven design manuals are industry specific.

The Sleeper Hut products are manufactured locally and conform to all Australian standards.

Our minimum steel post prescription on any commercial project is 100 UCH 14.8 kilograms per meter – this ensures strength, provides optimal coverage of our sleeper ends and promotes the steel reinforcement in the concrete sleeper within the UCH channel.

We offer up to and inclusive of 25KPA wall designs for our concrete sleeper retaining walls and can provide specific design and engineering consultation for any project requirements.