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Are you considering a retaining wall installation on your property? We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete sleepers and landscaping supplies in Brisbane, focused on providing top-quality products and services. Manufactured to feature superior strength and longevity, our products offer value for money.

The Sleeper Hut offers a broad range of retaining wall products and landscaping supplies. You’re sure to appreciate our Real-Lite range of lightweight concrete sleepers, our original heavy-duty concrete sleepers, galvanised steel posts and much more. All our products are locally manufactured from the best quality materials available on the market today.

Concrete Sleepers for Every Application

Whether you require a weight-bearing retaining wall, a perimeter around your property, or an aesthetically pleasing feature in your garden, we have the ideal solution for you. Our range of retaining wall blocks and pillars are manufactured to the highest Australian standards and are available in a wide range of finishes and sizes.

  • Our lightweight Real-Lite range of concrete sleepers are ideal for garden beds, edging, and other lightweight hardscapes. It is also ideal for low-weight bearing walls. It comes in an exciting range of stylish finishes, including various wood grain and smooth face finishes. It is also available in several colours, blending in perfectly with your existing landscaping.
  • Our original heavy-duty line of steel-reinforced concrete sleepers are perfect for load bearing retaining walls. Manufactured from high-quality 40mpa concrete, and our reinforcing steel meets the strictest of Australian quality standards.
  • Both the Real-Lite and original ranges finish to 50mpa strength by the time it is installed, making for a superior product that will outlast and outperform any other product available on the market today, be it traditional timber or steel products. We produce top quality retaining wall blocks in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.

The Benefits of Concrete Sleepers for Retaining Walls

Much has been said about the viability of concrete products over timber counterparts, largely due to their perceived negative impact on the environment. While it is true that the manufacture of concrete has a greater influence on the environment, one has to consider the longer-term benefits of these products before one can accurately gauge whether it has any more of a negative impact on the environment indeed.

  • Unlike traditional timber sleepers, our retaining wall pillars and blocks are impervious to rot and insect infestation, thus requiring minimal maintenance. Our products do not have to be inspected, treated, and even replaced from time to time. A longer lifespan means less long-term environmental impact. It also means you save money in the long term since they don’t require replacement.
  • Concrete sleepers are fire and moisture resistant. It does not burn or rust, meaning you can enjoy your retaining wall, garden bed, or edge for longer. It is also resistant to temperature-driven expansion and retraction.
  • Our concrete sleepers are locally manufactured, using a unique, internally developed method that we strictly specify and adhere to. Our products are regularly tested for strength and quality. We bring you product ranges that are superior in strength, longevity, and aesthetics.

Stylish and Strong

We are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of concrete sleepers for weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing retaining walls with more than 100 years of combined industry experience behind us. Our products feature prominently in hundreds of gardens and commercial applications in the South-East Queensland region and beyond. If you are looking for the best option for your retaining wall, look no further than The Sleeper Hut.

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