Top Quality Steel Retaining Wall Posts in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast

Are you in the process of planning a fence installation? In addition to the best quality concrete sleepers, we supply a wide range of superior retaining wall posts in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast, ensuring that your fence is fundamentally sound, with structural integrity that lasts for years.

Our range of steel retaining wall posts acts as the perfect joining post between concrete sleepers, featuring hot-dip galvanisation to maximise longevity and protect against all forms of deterioration. Our posts are manufactured to withstand the harshest of local climes and elements, offering the ultimate structural integrity to your retaining or boundary wall.

Your Partner in Steel Retaining Posts in Brisbane

We offer a wide range of steel retaining wall posts for every application and size. Whether you’re building an attractive, visually striking boundary wall or a retaining wall for your garden, our posts provide all the support and aesthetic properties you need.

  • UCH Posts: Our range of UCH posts is extensive, ranging from a mere 400mm wall height to 3.6 metres. In addition to lending increased structural strength to the wall, they act as a joining post between wall slabs, with sleepers fitting perfectly into the existing slots on the post. They are available in four sizes, including 65mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm.
  • PFC Posts: Our parallel flange channel or C-section posts come in three sizes, 65mm, 100mm and 150mm. The 65mm PFC posts are for between 150mm and 1050mm wall lengths. The 100mm posts range in length from 600mm to 3.6 metres. The 150mm posts are available in lengths from 2.4 to 4 metres.
  • 45 Degree and 90 Degree Corner Post: Our corner posts are offered in lengths from 300mm for a 150mm wall height to 2.1 metres for a height of 1050mm.

The Only Place to Buy Retaining Wall Posts in Brisbane Logan, and the Gold Coast

What are you looking for in a retaining wall post? Strength is important, as it must be capable of providing optimal structural support for your retaining or perimeter wall. Steel not only lends excellent structural support, but it also looks good, with many consumers opting for steel posts to enhance aesthetic appeal.

  • Our steel posts are hot-dip galvanised, making them extremely strong and highly resistant to the elements. This means your posts will last as long as your fence does without ever being affected by moisture or other factors.
  • Natural deterioration is always a concern when choosing a material for your fence and posts. Our steel posts are highly resistant to deterioration of any form. It does not burn and will retain its strength and structural integrity for many years to come.
  • Convenience for our customers is always top-of-mind. All our steel fence posts come with pre-drilled holes to facilitate fast and easy installation.

Retaining Walls Made Easy

We are a leading supplier of retaining wall products in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on supplying products of superior quality at highly competitive prices. We are fully committed to customer satisfaction, always going the extra mile whether you’re a large civil engineering and construction firm or an independent building contractor.

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