Looking for Concrete Sleepers on the Gold Coast?

The Sleeper Hut provides concrete sleepers to home improvement enthusiasts. If you are looking for concrete sleepers on the Gold Coast, choose between our Real-Lite (lightweight) and Original (heavy-duty versions.

Our Real-Lite option is ideal for a lightweight retaining wall system for garden beds, hedging and stylish hardscapes. The Original line is perfect for retaining wall installers due to its strong, heavy-duty concrete material that stands the test of time.

All our concrete sleepers are manufactured from 40 MPa Concrete and tested every 25 m3, while the 350-grade steel we use meets Australian standards. Note that engineering varies with different soil types. A generic design is available as a guideline only. Contact our friendly staff about reinforcing details. Concrete sleeper seconds are available upon application. Talk to us if you need retaining wall blocks on the Gold Coast.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall System

A concrete sleeper retaining wall system uses concrete sleepers, or concrete beams, to hold back soil and prevent erosion. Concrete sleepers are typically made from precast reinforced concrete, available in various shapes and sizes for different applications. They are ideal for retaining wall systems as they are strong and durable and can withstand the pressure of soil and water.

The sleepers are installed vertically in the ground with steel posts or beams and anchored using steel reinforcing rods or other mechanical fasteners. The system is filled with backfill material for added support and stability.

Designed for Any Specific Site

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are standard features on residential and commercial landscaping projects. They need minimal maintenance, last long and can be designed to fit your site’s specific needs. Get in touch with The Sleeper Hut for all your requirements.