Our New Website Launch

Apr 22, 2021

Whilst another 3-day COVID lockdown and rain has slowed traffic into the Sleeper Hut this week, the team have been busy behind the scenes finalising end of financial year reports and putting the final touches on our new website.

After months of discussion and collaboration with our good friends at Yah Marketing, the Sleeper Hut website will finally be launched today, Friday 2nd July.
Replacing our previously static and dull website, the newly launched platform will be interactive and present customers with improved informational and education resources.

It also signifies a major milestone for the company, as we begin our transition into the ecommerce market.
For the immediate future, customers will be able to enquire about products online and fill out a “quote cart”, that will be sent directly through to the sales team for processing.

This will serve as an interim process until our ecommerce platform is fully integrated into the website which will allow for products to be purchased and paid for online.
A range of educational resources that will aid those who visit our website in learning more about the installation process are also under development.

We would like to give a huge thanks to George and the team at Yah Marketing for their work in developing this website and being highly responsive to our individual requests and requirements.

Together we have helped build the platform the Sleeper Hut needed to sustain our growth well into the future.